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Confirmation Class

Confirmation is not the end of faith learning, but only a beginning. Messiah’s goals for Confirmation reflect unfolding growth in a life of faith. Lessons and activities are designed to deepen participants’ relationship with Jesus Christ, help students reflect on why their faith matters in daily activities, and empower them to share their faith with others.

The first night of confirmation class is September 13. Confirmation is for students in 5th grade and concludes in the fall of their 9th grade year. For the 5th through 8th grade years, confirmation takes place on Wednesdays as part of WOW! The 9th grade section is six weeks long and takes place on Sunday mornings. Each student is placed in a small group led by adult volunteers who walk alongside the confirmation students for the whole of confirmation. The program includes multiple levels of learning, such as large group instruction, small group discussions, and experiential components.

How do we plan to accomplish our mission?

Content Overview

5th Grade: Students have the opportunity to study an overview of how the scriptures present a single story of God working to save his creation.

6th Grade: Moving from a broad overview, students encounter significant Old Testament stories to see how these stories point to Jesus and inform their lives as disciples.

7th Grade: Confirmation students work through the Gospel According to Luke and learn about the Son of God, Jesus, through Luke’s eyes.

8th Grade: Jesus is raised from the dead. Now what? The eighth grade year focuses on working out answers to this question by digging into the book of Acts, reflecting on our worship practices, and considering the importance of the sacraments today.

9th Grade: The final stretch of confirmation is only six weeks long, but serves as a final opportunity to focus on how faith in Christ shapes our identity.

Small Catechism: No one year of confirmation focuses on Luther’s Small Catechism because it is weaved throughout the confirmation process.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Serving the Homeless:  Each year the confirmation students spend an entire class session to make hundreds of sandwiches that are eventually given out to the homeless. During this session, they also participate in a devotion that drives home the importance of loving our neighbors. The sandwiches are distributed through 363 Sandwiches Food Program.

Care Packages for College Students: Each fall students prepare care packages to send to last year’s high school graduates.

Serving in Church: Throughout their confirmation years, students serve as acolytes, ushers, and PowerPoint operator during worship services.

Summer Mission Trip: The summer after their 8th grade year students have an opportunity to participate in a summer mission trip. In June of 2017, they went to The Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch in Fargo, North Dakota.

Parental Involvement

It’s crucial that parents/guardians actively participate in an adolescent’s faith formation and growth. It’s so crucial because research shows that parents/guardians remain the top influence in the shaping and formation of adolescents. We’ll do what we can during class times, but for confirmation to be the best it can be, the most important aspect will always be what happens when the student goes home. Take time to review content, ask questions, read the small catechism, and participate in regular devotions.